CFP Construction Inc.


Job Description

The owners purchased this location hoping to transform the old sandwich shop to a UCLA inspired lunch restaurant and bar. The new owners knew they wanted to hang five TV’s, double the beer selection, increase seating with raised benches and add a bar top. After interviewing many designers that were way too expensive the owners contacted Pieper Construction. With our extensive knowledge and experience in building bars and restaurants we were able to advise the new owners on all aspects of the job including type of wood through out the bar, the ceiling color, use of UCLA gold and not UCLA blue (giving many stain color options), etc. Pieper Construction became a conduit for the realization of the owners' dream. We used knotty Cedar to cover the structure of the location (posts and beams) and build the bar, and wainscoting and benches with Quarter sliced Oak throughout. The place was transformed and their sales doubled overnight.

Customer Reviews

“The remodel has helped this place. The atmosphere is much nicer, much more sports-bar-ish, it’s actually a place where you can stop, eat, and stay a while.”

“Great new overhaul….walking in during a Lakers game, it felt almost like Cheers LA style….Westwood needs more bars like this one.”