CFP Construction Inc.

Mission Statement

Pieper Construction was built on a foundation of honesty, quality and attention to detail. We truly take pride in building commercial and residential environments that generate the ambiance our client desires. With outstanding workmanship, unwavering commitment, and expert knowledge of the materials we use, we are able take an architect’s design and make it a reality. We have over fifteen years of experience, passion-driven enthusiasm, and a natural talent for envisioning the completed project. With these assets we build restaurants, bars, kitchens, and living rooms that are sturdy, functional and beautifully finished. From efficient commercial kitchens, to elegant dining rooms, to luxurious chic lounges, to classic sport bars, Pieper Construction repeatedly demonstrates dependability, integrity, proficiency and taste.

It can be stressful to choose a contractor you can trust. We fully understand and appreciate the importance of dependable and handsome construction; we will not waste your time. You can count on us to be efficient, honest and reliable.