Broadway Bar

architect: Kelly Architecture

designer: Ricki Kline

kind: Design/Build

location: 830 South Broadway, Los Angeles CA

owners: 213 Ventures, Cedd Moses, Joe Baxley


Transformation from a printing store to a Lounge/bar. This was an exciting and distinct job to work on; certainly one of our favorites. We rebuilt the entire storefront with steel windows, bringing in the top and bottoms of the windows to create patios on the mezzanine and sidewalk. The storefront work was innovative and superbly finished.

Inside, my cabinet and Corian contractors outdid themselves creating a beautiful circular bar. We installed custom lighting and custom wallpaper throughout, and the booth seating that the contractor installed is second to none. Pieper Construction’s customized sign designer built an iconic neon sign for the bar which has been in the background of many movies including Transformers and various others.

Contractor License #700920

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